Clive Jones
Clive Jones
Tourvest Inflight Retail Services

Clive Jones has been with Tourvest for the last 15 years, beginning in the company’s corporate travel management division, where he served as Chief Operating Officer responsible for managing global client and international airline relationships, before moving to the Inflight Retail division of the Tourvest Group of companies.

In his role as CEO of Tourvest Inflight Retail Services, which he took over in February 2014, Clive and his executive team have set themselves the objective of redefining the inflight retail value proposition. TIRS has corporate offices in South Africa and England, with large warehouses in these regions along with others in Kenya, Nigeria and Angola. The TIRS approach is regarded by many within the industry as being at the forefront of the future direction in which this sector will move, mirrored by the fact that the operator has recently managed to negotiate all of their client contracts for extended terms.

Clive holds a degree in Corporate Administration, a Chartered Institute of Company Secretaries and Administrations (CIS) qualification and a Masters degree in Business Administration.

The Tourvest group is one of the leading travel & tourism companies on the African continent, with interests in airport and destination retail stores (airport shops, jewellery stores & airport and destination restaurants), financial services (over 50 AMEX foreign exchange outlets), travel management (master rights holders to the AMEX Travel Brand throughout Sub-Saharan Africa), hotels & game lodges, sports/corporate/leisure tours, among others.