Iraq Duty Free

Financial Links (FL) is an Iraqi registered company that is an experienced retailer with over 20 years of experience in Iraq. Financial Links operates in both the duty free as Iraq Duty Free (IDF) and in the domestic retail & distribution business (R&D).

  • Financial Links Iraq Duty Free (IDF) -In 2004, Financial Links entered into a contract with Iraqi Civil Aviation Authority (ICAA) that is under the Iraqi Ministry of Transportation to operate all Duty Free shops and stores in all Iraqi Airports and other places owned or managed by Iraqi Civil Aviation Authority (ICAA).
  • Financial Links Retail & Distribution business (R&D) -After a successful 10 years operating in the duty free business and with the developments of shopping centers and malls in Iraq, Financial Links decided to expand it’s retail business into the domestic market exclusively retailing many well-known international brands concentrating in the apparel and footwear business.
  • Financial Links is a market driven, customer focused organization which makes continuous improvements in system, merchandising providing cost effective, competitive high quality products and services to the Iraqi consumers.
  • In 2012 Financial Links implemented SAP Business One as its enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to manage its very growing distribution network which now equates to more than 40 outlets all over Iraq including Sulaymaniyah, Erbil in the Kurdish controlled north of Iraq, Baghdad, Najaf and Basra. We envisage that by 2015 we will be operating more than 75 outlets and expanding to many more towns and cities in Iraq and more airports with our duty free business.

Iraq Duty Free operates shops at 3 International Airports In Iraq:
1. Baghdad International Airport -2 terminals (departure & arrival)
2. Sulaymaniyah International Airport -1 terminal (departure & arrival)
3. Basra International Airport -1 terminal (departure & arrival)

Mr. Ahmed Sarchil Kazzaz
Phone: 009647901949499
Fax: 0097148878415

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